How Essential Oils Really Work

Most People Do Not Know How Aromatherapy Really Works: More is Not Better! Everyone is familiar with essential oils these days, but most people are unaware of how essential oils really work. The volatile aromatic molecules have an affinity with the air and space; it has been proven that the antimicrobial effects of aromatherapy essential [...]

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3 Kings

As we approach the end of a cycle, and review, release and integrate all the experiences, the 3 Kings blend can offer you sacred clarity each step of this process, purifying as we review and release what no longer serves us. White Copal and Frankincense Oman offer deep purification; they also offer us pure light--clearing [...]

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Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil

BUY ORGANIC SANDALWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL The Sandal Tree as if to prove, How sweet to conquer Hate, Love, Perfumes the axe that lays it low. -Rabindranath Tagore It has been many years since I was able to procure authentic Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum Album), most commonly known as the Mysore Sandalwood [...]

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Palo Santo the Holy Wood

Palo Santo (translates as Holy Wood) has to die naturally in order for its aroma to emerge. Palo Santo then has to mature for at least three years before it can be harvested. It is in this process that this Holy Wood continues to give generously even in death. I believe this aromatic wood offers [...]

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Valentine’s A New Paradigm

I deeply know every day is an opportunity to love oneself. The true essence of love begins and ends inside of one’s heart. I cannot deny that throughout my life that I did not lovingly share love in the form of a gift or two from my beloveds, and I have to admit [...]

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Magnetic Point of Attraction

When life offers us a crossroad of sorts in life, it can lead us to reset our goals, desires and destinations. I found recently, as I approach this new year full of opportunities and potential outcomes, that what many of us miss completely at times is to allow enough space to actually shift the magnetic [...]

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Navigating Mercury Retrogrades With Essential Oils

In Biodynamic Agriculture we plant according to the constellations. What does that mean? It means that the planets above us and around us, influence our emotions, spirit, and physicality, much like the planets influence the seedlings, the earth and the seas. Each constellation affects a part of the plant, root, seed, fruit and leaf. When we [...]

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