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Ylara Khalsa


Ylara Khalsa has been practicing Holistic Healing for over 20 years and was blessed to be one of Yogi Bhajan’s healers for over 11 years. She spent over 20 years learning personally from Yogi Bhajan ancient healing technology like Sat Nam Rasayan, chakra activation and was blessed to receive information directly from Yogi Bhajan: “The Science of Infinite Consciousness” and formulas: The 8 Yogic Petals.  Never created before, the 8 Yogic Petals support clearing the amygdala (were we store emotion, patterns and trauma) trough therapeutic essential oil formulas, recitation of mantras and practice of meditation.

Ylara Khalsa is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor; she started teaching Yoga at age 15.  Ylara has since become a Nutrition Educator, Clinical Aromatherapist, international Teacher, Beekeeper and Biodynamic Farmer.


“In partnering with Nature, we can grow our food, imbue it with our DNA so it can grow what your body needs. What many do not realize is that you can grow your spirit! Reconnecting deeply with the earth, and re-learning the art of observation, through an open heart, can offer you a course in healing and growing your spirit like nothing else. You turn on all the senses that have been overwhelmed by overstimulation in our the world today. You, begin to witness your spirit in the world reflected by your garden and animals. It is simple; It is MIRACULOUS.”

Ylara developed a high sensitivity to “hearing” the frequency behind what people say. As clients share their needs, she hears deeply the frequency of the need, and is able to pin point the source of the issue to a soul disharmony and bring light and awareness to it. Trough humor and an open heart, she can hold a profoundly transformational space quickly; offering tools to empower those who are looking to move on from habits and patterns that hold them back. In her consultations she offers meditations, mantras, and recommends formulas to assist in releasing that which no longer serves. She also makes custom blending for specific issues.

Her passion is to work with plants, flowers, resins, barks that have been harvested in a conscious and honorable way. When we interact with nature in this way the result is an amazingly high vibration therapeutic essential oil. Each flower, tree and or root affects our vibrational field by increasing our vibration, or clearing away infection, uplifting our mood, or calming our spirit and emotions.
This Plant intelligence and immunity reaches the amygdala trough our limbic system, inhalation.

Now an international teacher, she brings healing opportunity to communities everywhere. In a community setting she can hear the group issue and assist at that level to begin to clear and make way for the highest potential within that community to become present.

“My teacher once told me I was like a wild oat in a field of flowers. My life certainly seems like that. I have lived and travel all over the world. I have been blessed to have walked for over 20 years with a spiritual Teacher who taught me so much. And I do have to say that I would not be here, breathing in gratitude without having met Yogi Bhajan.”

– Ylara

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