Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil




The Sandal Tree as if to prove,
How sweet to conquer Hate, Love,
Perfumes the axe that lays it low.

-Rabindranath Tagore

It has been many years since I was able to procure authentic Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum Album), most commonly known as the Mysore Sandalwood from India.

About a year and half ago, I came by some certified Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil from Sri Lanka, where the government there protects the trees and carefully regulates the sale of the essential oil.  It was some of the best Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil I have had the opportunity to truly enjoy in over ten years!

Spicy, deep and rich with the aroma patiently staying on the skin for many, many hours. I remember the Sandalwood having this incredible property when I was young living in ashrams.

Many of my customers who bought this Sandalwood, truly enjoyed it, writing wonderful feedback as they enjoyed the aroma. I soon was out of stock, and the exportation of this amazing Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil stopped with no assurances we would get anymore anytime soon.

I was able to procure a new shipment of Indonesian Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil recently–it is amazing and fragrant as the one from Sri Lanka.  Quantities are limited.

The connection between fragrant plants and spirituality is vast; Sandalwood holds a preeminent place amongst them.  Valued for its spiritual and meditative enhancing qualities, Sandalwood was the material of transformation and elevation for sadhus and rishis in ancient India.  And you can truly appreciate this as you deeply inhale the aroma.

The alchemical process captures the ethereal essence of this heart wood; it is no mistake this is the heart and soul of all attars. My teacher used to say he could spot who was wearing Sandalwood, because they would be surrounded by angels captivated by the aroma around the person.

The aroma is deeply ethereal, clearing, elevating, mystical and deeply penetrates our soul and spiritual impulses. Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil inspires and brings us to a heart-full vision of our best self.

Rudolph Steiner, founder of Biodynamic Agriculture, Waldorf Schools and Anthroposophy, stated in one his lectures, that the fragrance of flowers bring elemental beings from the cosmos as they are attracted to the cosmic fragrance of the universe in the aroma of the flowers and plants.

Did you know that High Grade Essential Oils can penetrate even thicken cell membranes? Oxygen increases in the body by 21%!

You can apply this beautiful Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil under your nostrils–one drop will do it. Inhale deeply and exhale trough your mouth. Do this three times and notice how you begin to feel and taste.

We have limited quantities of this exquisite oil available now.

Aromatically yours,


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