Brain Balancing

Integrate + Ground

  • Sit in EASY POSE + Left Hand in GYAN MUDRA
  • Use the thumb of the right hand to close the right nostril & the index finger or ring finger to close the left nostril (U-Breathing).
  • Close the Right Nostril & gently, fully inhale through the left nostril THEN close the Left Nostril & exhale through the Right Nostril.
  • Gently, fully inhale through the Right Nostril THEN exhale through the Left Nostril.

Recommended Essential Oil Blend:

Segmented Breath

Calm + Center

  • Sit in EASY POSE + Hands in GYAN MUDRA
  • INHALE in Eight (8) Parts
  • EXHALE in Eight (8) Parts
  • Instead of inhaling & exhaling in one smooth motion, break the breath up into segmented sniffs and exhales. Try not to squeeze the nostril in on the sniff or pull the breath too deeply into the lungs; allow the breath to be relaxed. On exhale, push out the breath in short, gentle bursts.

Recommended Essential Oil Blend:

Healing The Self

Power + Projection

  • Sit in EASY POSE + Arms crossed holding opposite Shoulders (Left Arm over the Right Arm)
  • The Shoulders will carry the weight.
  • Eyes are closed.
  • Sing with the Tip of the Tongue.


Ang Sang Wahe Guru
(We Belong To The Same Limb)

Recommended Essential Oil Blend: