Navigating Mercury Retrogrades With Essential Oils

In Biodynamic Agriculture we plant according to the constellations. What does that mean? It means that the planets above us and around us, influence our emotions, spirit, and physicality, much like the planets influence the seedlings, the earth and the seas.

Each constellation affects a part of the plant, root, seed, fruit and leaf. When we harvest according to such influences, we harvest at the time when the plant has the most therapeutic properties on the leaf, fruit, seed, root or flower.


So for me, when I read about the influences of say a mercury retrograde in capricorn and aquarius, I know I can rely on certain plants to support say deepening my roots to abide and be present to all that is circling in my present reality. There will be plants, or oils that will support steadying myself so I may support a steady world. There will be plant intelligences that will support me in staying strong so I do not give my power away. Some flowers that will strengthen my capacities to see what part I am taking in the problem I am facing, and the vulnerability to forgive myself for doing so.

This particular January 2016 mercury retrograde in the planets I have mentioned, will give us plenty time to revisit, re-structure and re-direct, re-lease that which no longer supports the new structures to seed our future.

So which blend is for your at this time? Here is a list that covers a wide array for a new way of holding yourself in this lovely life:

Clear and Open


We offer this in a spray and an oil blend.

Literally, it clears away that which resonates at a low frequency, grounds you to see it. It soothes the central nervous system. It clears away negativity, and that which not longer serves! I use the spray quite often especially when I travel, I clear the hotel rooms and the beds, and I can really rest at night without picking up nasties in my dream state.

I Forgive and Release

forgive-releaseThis is a very powerful blend made of narcissus, tuberose and spikenard. It is about calming your parasympathetic, and sympathetic nervous system so you can see those structures that you could not see before that are not serving you, and creating part of the problem you would like to release, tuberose offers self forgiveness and the space to do it better the next time.

This is an all time powerful blend for retrogrades for sure.

Amrita Nectar

amrita-nectarThis is a blend that works powerfully with prayer and affirmation. Amrita is an accord of all the spices around the world. An accord, it you may, is like a well orchestrated symphony with a wide array of musical instruments, attuned to play perfectly with one another. It stimulates the enzymatic process physically and emotionally, it also contains a top floral note that calms, sedates and uplifts. How else can we digest old emotions that no longer serve without becoming overwhelmed?

Rose Quartz Balm

Rose Quartz BalmThis balm is incredibly special, it actually contains pulverized rose quartz among other treasures from the mineral kingdom. So it is earth, all that is necessary for our bodies to function on this physical plane. This balm melts away a froze heart, or joint. It supports establishing energetic boundaries, to support you to take back your power.

Gold, Rose, Lavender Balm

Gold Rose Lavender BalmOur best seller, supports releasing anxiety and uplifting the heart. The alchemy of the gold with some of the highest vibrational flowers creates such a catalyst for peace and ease. It also smells amazing. This is a wonderful balm for children who suffer from regular nightmares, as it is also a protection balm, especially good for those children who do not want to go to school.

Rose Oil

Organic Rose OilRose is the highest vibration measured in MHz known to man. Just holding the bottle your vibration raises 12 mhz. Rose has been known for millennia as a heart healer. In my opinion and based on what I have witnessed, Rose allows for vulnerability so you may walk with an open heart without feeling overwhelmed. So, yes it is part of this list.

One needs to be vulnerable in order to be open and let go, forgive, start a new, or leap with courage to the unknown.

Lavender Oil

Our lavender is particularly amazing, most lavenders are herbie, or green. This wild crafted french lavender is so floral, that as you take a nice inhale, you see purple flowers! Lavender is truly a gift from our earth. It is an adaptogen, meaning that if you are hyper it will calm you, and if you are feeling down or depressed, it will lift you. It is a gentle oil to work with, even neat, without a carrier. And heals burns like nothing else. If you apply it right after the burn, it will stop the pain and it will not blister! Yeap, that is Lavender!

Burnt Out

A great blend that reaches deep to the spiritual burden. So you are already stretched, and you are being asked to go the extra mile? work with this blend, it lifts the spiritual overwhelm, so you may feel you have the space within to continue to let go.

Do You Love Bath Oils?

What if your bath oil was deeply therapeutic, and incredibly healing to mind and soul as well?

We have the first line of bath oils that are 100% Biodynamic. As good as food, pure, nothing added. These bath oils were given by Rudolph Steiner in his lectures to Doctors over 80 years ago. These protocols are still used in Europe and Australia to heal what is very challenging. The work with a given protocol for eight consecutive days. They are healing not only to body, mind they go very deep on the emotional body as well.

We have 5 different bath oils to choose from!

Are You A Yogi or Meditator?

We offer a line of therapeutic blends, each with an affirmation and a meditation to do with them. These oils trough meditation, yoga, and chanting offer an opportunity to re-pattern  the brain and support releasing addictions. We encourage the meditations to be done for 40 straight days. In yogic technology is well know that you can brake a habit in 40 days. Check out our 8 Yogic Petals here.


If you need some help in finding the right one for you, send an email to [email protected] and she will get back to you within a business day and help you find the blend for your needs. After all, she is the one that co-creates them with nature!

Rescue Blend

rescue-blendYes, the name says it all! This is a great blend to ease shock and trauma by soothing your nervous system, and allowing you to be present and digest the opportunity. It is wonderful to work with at work or during stressful times. We have a spray and an essential oil blend.

The list will goes on. However, for now you have a place to start from. If you have questions, or need help towards finding what you need email [email protected] she will help you find it!

Have an aromatic navigation on the planetary influences and retrogrades!


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