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Flower of Life Essential Blends Farm

Mount Shasta, CA

If you are looking for high quality and personal service, you have come to the right place.  Flower of Life Essential Blends sources ethically and supports distillers and famers that replant what they harvest.

We offer the best in organic and biodynamic therapeutic grade essential oil blends, creams, salves and balms.  

We started our farm with the dream of self-sustainability, clean food and clean water. It has been an amazing journey to self discovery and so many deep and wonderful lessons, not just on how to grow your food, learning the art of observation and co- creation, but on how to live life with a humble and open heart.  I can attest to the power of working with the earth, It is beautiful hard work that then feeds the heart, soul and spirit with a special full-fillment.

We chose biodynamic agriculture because is the purest and most conscious way to grow food and heal the earth.


We use homeopathic preparations on the soil, we plant according to the planets, as each of the planetary alignments support either roots, leafs, fruit or flowers, we harvest according to this calendar as well, and what you saw is a plant that is rich in nutrients and cosmic influences, imagine if we are affected by these celestial presences, the plants and the food we eat when full of these forces can feed not only your body but your spirit. In the healing arts it is believed that it is in the spirit or emotional level that disease sets in.

Many of our unique preparations are grown in our farm.  We use our own beeswax in some of our face creams.  Rest assured, our products are never sprayed with chemicals! Flower of Life Essential Blends are of the finest and purest quality!