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The Lady of Guadalupe

May this encapsulation of Tonantzin reach you through these humble and powerful flowers, and may She bring you just what is right to you. May you feel her loving and kind embrace, so you may reach your destination feeling supported.

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Product Description

She comes to those most humble to those who struggle and suffer, as they continue to give and live for others. She came to the people of Mexico, to the indigenous people who had been tortured and abused in the conquista; the spaniards had demolished the spiritual life of those who lived on the land long ago. Tonantzin appeared in her sun kissed skin, at a time when she was needed most. She appeared to the humblest of them all to give the message: build me a temple here, where they forbade your prayers and where they denied your dreaming. Here let them build me a temple, where you, all my children can come and see me.

I visited such a place when I was a child; Tonantzin has been part of my life.

As a child I had an accident that could of have left me paralyzed. To this day, the family that witnessed the miracle is still in disbelief at how this horse falling on me was pushed off my back with such a force–no one saw what pushed the animal off my back. I know it was her, as I called on her when I saw this giant animal falling. As quickly as I called on Her, the animal fell onto the side. I am walking today because of Her.

The Lady of Guadalupe carries the stars on her cape, and the Rose is her frequency, the highest on our planet. As the rose opens the heart, it allows for us to be vulnerable without feeling overwhelmed. Calendula (Pot Marigold) and Marigold (Tagetes) clear low frequencies, and are the flowers we bring to the dead. Remembering beginnings and ends, the flow of life, and that our spirits are eternal, we are not defined by our challenges in life (as this is not all there is!). Sometimes the challenges are what bring us to witness the miracles that abound in life. These challenges are what bring The Mother, The Lady and the community to bring us back home, to keep the faith in the face of despair and to not give up when you feel you cannot do it any longer.

Also in this Holy blend, Tobacco, a sacred plant connected with clearing and protection, brings deep support to release what no longer serves us, and to clear unwanted energies that keep us in stagnant and stuck places. Benzoin is calming, uplifting and supports our nervous system, as it brings it to balance.

This blend came to me, as I was chanting her name from my heart, I could smell it, as I chanted her beautiful name in gratitude for walking with me, especially when I most needed her.


Benzoin (Styrax tonkinensis)
Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis)
Rose (Rosa damascene)
Tagetes (Tagetes minuta)
Tobacco (Nicotiana virginiana)
in Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis)


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