No matter what style you practice, Yoga is to prepare the body for meditation. Studies have shown its positive effects on the brain. Meditation builds brain cells, increases gray matter and helps with overall stress response.

Aromatherapy directly affects the brain as well. When odors are smelled, the brain releases hormones and neurochemicals that change one’s physiology. Imagine the power of yoga, meditation and essential oils being used together.

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Ylara Khalsa on Yoga

I lived yoga since the age of nine, and began teaching it by 15. For a young child it was unusual to love the yoga and meditation.

However, I felt great afterwards, calm and happy. Yoga gave me the tools to steady my mind when I experienced stress, or sudden challenges, breathing and chanting a mantra helped me to steady my heart and soul, and most importantly my mind.

I practice Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan (My Teacher), holding postures at certain angles, stimulating the endocrine system to perform, stabilize and harmonize on many levels dis-ease.

As as young age I experienced some traumatizing events, that left me not able to sleep deeply for a long time. The only thing that helped me was stretch pose before going to bed–for 15 minutes!  I was desperately needing to sleep, and this really did it for me.

I began to realize that our bodies are quite a sophisticated tool, and through Yoga and meditation, I was able to learn just how capable I was to do what I felt was unattainable, both physically and mentally.  I have been practicing for over 30 years now, and every time after a yoga set and meditation, I marvel at the technology that continues to teach me about this incredible body.

The sky is the limit!

From balancing your hormones, to reseting your central nervous system, calming the mind, helping you generate new cells in your brain, lowering blood pressure and helping you sleep better at night, Yoga and Meditation are an excellent tool for just about everyone!