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Yogi Bhajan

Mentor to Ylara Khalsa

I had the great blessing to serve the Master, the Mahan Tantric, my spiritual teacher–the Siri Singh Sahib or Yogi Bhajan.

I would sit at times until four in the morning, massaging his feet as he read his morning prayers.  On one of those nights, he asked me to write down a list of essential oil blends.  Yogi Bhajan said, “plants have the ability to shift consciousness; they speak to the soul and reach deep in a cave called Antar, where the essence and character live.  If used consciously, the plant will connect to the amygdala, where emotions and traumas reside.  It can be wiped out!”

Yogi Bhajan with Ylara Khalsa

Yogi Bhajan with Ylara Khalsa, age 14

I did not know what he was talking about.  I wrote it down and forgot until many years later.  8 years went by before my passion for the plant world began, especially with essential oils.  I am now a passionate aroma therapist with an emphasis on medical aromatherapy.

In the elevation of Mount Shasta, the 8 Yogic Petals were manifested.  Through the guidance of my spiritual teacher, these blends aim to shift consciousness, with the support of the plant intelligence that has been evolving much longer than ours.  Looking back into our evolutionary history, our predecessors were actually flowers!  No wonder we are receptive to the plant intelligence and immunity.  Working with them consciously we can heal and release deep-seated traumas and be able to heal our heart, be open and vulnerable to love and feel joy again.

The 8 Yogic Petals work in conjunction with affirmations and mantras.  That same evening, Yogi Bhajan gave me the Science of Infinity Consciousness.  This amazing gift was to explain in detail the science of sound, Beej and the movement of such Bantara.  Yogi Bhajan described how to manifest the power of projection to reach our sovereignty, Sotantar.  I still have the little paper he wrote on and even signed for posterity.