Why Are High Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils Important?2016-10-24T10:17:30-07:00

Why Are High-Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils Important?

In the world of essential oils, you get what you pay for.

Did you know that it takes 60 roses to make one drop of oil?

If you bought an essential oil at a great, cheap price, chances are it is most likely a commercial distillation–a commercial distillation with chemicals and pesticides.  A high-grade therapeutic essential oil is typically expensive due to the large amount of plant material needed.  Additionally, Organic or Certified Organic does not necessarily mean a therapeutic-grade essential oil, as 95% of all essentials oils are still distilled under high-pressure for the flavor and foods industries.  In order to reach your healing goals, a high-grade therapeutic essential oil is a must (and organic)!  Please also keep in mind that essentials oils are very powerful as they directly affect the Limbic System and can bring up some painful and traumatic experiences.