How To Smell Essential Oils2016-10-24T10:17:30-07:00

How To Smell Essential Oils

  • INHALE deeply through one nostril and EXHALE through your mouth as this will engage your FULL SENSE OF SMELL AND TASTE.
  • INHALE deeply through the other nostril because each nostril brings the aroma to a DIFFERENT PART OF THE BRAIN.
  • INHALE deep and long and start noticing how new aromas arise from the same blend!  When you smell differently this means your BRAIN CHEMISTRY IS CHANGING and so is your CONSCIOUSNESS!
  • The longer you stay present with the aroma, the MORE OPPORTUNITY YOU GIVE YOURSELF TO SHIFT!

Did You Know?

Most people will only smell an essential oil for LESS THAN 5 SECONDS and decide whether they like the smell or not.  High-Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils need to be experienced for at least 60 seconds.