Ylara developed a high sensitivity to “hearing” the frequency behind what people say. As clients share their needs, she hears deeply the frequency of the need, and is able to pin point the source of the issue to a soul disharmony and bring light and awareness to it. Through humor and an open heart, she can hold a profoundly transformational space quickly, offering tools to empower those who are looking to move on from habits and patterns that hold them back. In her consultations she offers meditations, mantras, and recommends formulas to assist in releasing that which no longer serves. She also makes custom essential oils (blends) for specific issues.

Please Call (530) 918-3608 and set up an appointment.
(Consults are typically 45 minutes)

NOTE: If an oil blend is created, the cost for such is separate from the consult. The cost of the blend is based on the oils used. Price is arranged at the time of the consult.