BioElectric Protection Shields

Physics-based BioElectric Shield protects you from EMF and other stressful energy from people, places or situations.

  • Deflects and neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi, computer radiation.
  • Reduces the impact of unhealthy energies from people, places and devices.
  • Users report renewed energy, increased focus, greater balance and harmony in their lives.

Viewing Your Aura

When our consultants look at your photo, they have the ability to see thousands of different colors and shapes that comprise your aura. The photo shown here is taken by a Kirilian camera, and in no way approaches the complexity of colors/shapes they see. What it does show (gross representation) is the difference in the energy field/aura of someone who has worn a BioElectric Shield for six months.

Before, After One Hour & After Six Months!

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