Ylara Khalsa

(1969 – 2017)

A wonderful and beautiful woman, healer, farmer, mother and yogi has gone back home.  For those who have had the pleasure of knowing Ylara Khalsa, our lives have been changed forever.  Thank you to all who have supported Ylara, her daughter and her business!  Sat Nam.

Awaken the Power of the
Divine Feminine

“After a very insightful consult with Ylara, she recommended Soul Mender to me. My life has been forever changed! The name of the blend could not be more perfect! My soul is truly on the mend and I feel much more positive and bright. My meditation practice has greatly improved! Thanks Ylara!”
“During times when I am not able to slow my mind down to rest using this balm allows me to sleep very sound. The Gold Rose Lavender Balm is beautiful.”
“I purchased a vial of I Release Allergies a few weeks ago while visiting Ashland. I wanted to share with you how effective it has been for me. I quit taking my Zyrtec a few days ago. I put a drop of the oil on a very small cosmetic brush and coat the inside of my nose as far up as possible twice a day. My sinus’ are clearer than they have been for years. I will continue to use this wonderful essential blend.”
“I have been meditating for over 10 years, and hit a point where I could not figure out how to go deeper. Ylara, thank you for your gifts, for the love and care I have experienced every time I talk to you, and for bringing forth these amazing oils, especially the 8 Yogic Petals, I have finished the 4th and I feel like I have gone beyond what I thought was possible! I would love to learn more from you!”

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Awakening to the Feminine Power is unique for each of us. We are letting go of old systems and thought paradigms from the current patriarchal system and recreating personal relationships with the male archetype. Although empowering, this process can be painful and full of emotions like anger, frustration and exhaustion.

MARY is a blend to support you and give you encouragement, to uplift your body, mind and spirit, and to gently remind you: the Feminine Source of Unlimited Love and Power is now available! Just ask and be open to receive!

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