How Essential Oils Really Work

Most People Do Not Know How Aromatherapy Really Works: More is Not Better!

Everyone is familiar with essential oils these days, but most people are unaware of how essential oils really work. The volatile aromatic molecules have an affinity with the air and space; it has been proven that the antimicrobial effects of aromatherapy essential oils are most potent NOT when the oil is used in liquid form, but when pathogens are exposed to the vapors of the oil.

In other words, the most effective way of utilizing aromatherapy oils for reducing atmospheric contagion, neutralizing airborne illnesses and enhancing immunity is through the use of aromatic diffusers, ionizers and nebulizers. So, take your diffuser to work, to a party, or to use in your bedroom and children’s room!

It is a great way to greet the kids coming back from school after they have been with other children who potentially were sick.

The best part is that the research also shows that it is not necessary to have a high concentration of the oil in the atmosphere for it to be effective–only a minimum amount of oil dispersed is necessary for optimum biological and immunological effects.

When we inhale the oil, it triggers the nerve cells in the lining of the nose and stimulates the master glands in less than a minute: traveling throughout the body in 20 seconds!

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