3 Kings

As we approach the end of a cycle, and review, release and integrate all the experiences, the 3 Kings blend can offer you sacred clarity each step of this process, purifying as we review and release what no longer serves us. White Copal and Frankincense Oman offer deep purification; they also offer us pure light--clearing [...]

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Gold Orbis Angelic Balm

It is amazing really to continue to discover how the Spirit of Nature supports us through the many plants, flowers and trees in many types of distillations. I just completed the handcrafting of a fresh batch of Gold Orbis Angelic Balm--it is truly a beautiful gold color!  As I finished the last one, [...]

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Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil

BUY ORGANIC SANDALWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL The Sandal Tree as if to prove, How sweet to conquer Hate, Love, Perfumes the axe that lays it low. -Rabindranath Tagore It has been many years since I was able to procure authentic Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum Album), most commonly known as the Mysore Sandalwood [...]

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