About Flower of Life Essential Blends

I am excited to present to you an amazing line of organic, wild crafted and or biodynamic high grade therapeutic essential oil blends and creams.  The blending technique I use creates amazing synergy. The blend literally “wakes up” and you have a blend that is powerful and energetically active. These beautiful synergistic and powerful vibrational blends are hand crafted in small batches for quality and freshness.

We use only organic and or biodynamic ingredients, we do not use preservatives. We source ethically, and strive to support business who support small distillers and their ecological efforts to continue to replant what they harvest.

My dream has been to bring these blends at affordable prices to my community, working with nature as source for healing and balance. Nature’s pharmacy!

I have a deep reverence for these amazing high-grade essential oils, they are nature’s greatest symphony of mineral, earth, water, sun, and living organisms, with it’s innate brilliant intelligence.  Each oil sings of deep transformation, healing, restoration and balance!  I am deeply grateful to play with them and share them with you!

-Ylara Khalsa, Owner

Ylara Khalsa

Ylara Khalsa, Owner