Gold Orbis Angelic Balm

It is amazing really to continue to discover how the Spirit of Nature supports us through the many plants, flowers and trees in many types of distillations.

I just completed the handcrafting of a fresh batch of Gold Orbis Angelic Balm–it is truly a beautiful gold color!  As I finished the last one, I felt immense gratitude for the impulses that brought this amazing balm into creation. Using it daily, massaged around my heart center, it released the intense emotional contraction I had been feeling for quite a while. It is difficult to witness all that is happening around us and not feel tight around the heart, or the belly.

This balm really works! And it also supports the lungs, especially now with the changing of seasons, where our systems are more vulnerable to pick up a cold or cough. Gold Orbis Angelic Balm is designed to support the release of phlegm and congestion on your chest and back. And it does it rather quickly too!

It is a combination of about six different types of Eucalyptus, conifers like the Giant Fir, Marjoram, Myrtle, Pine needles, and Pequi (from the jungle of Brazil).  These together with our Mount Shasta Beeswax, Hollyhocks and Plantain are truly a gift from Nature.

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Here are some testimonials from those who have benefited:

“I have asthma, Ylara heard me wheezing, and gave me some gold orbit to try. Within less than 30 minutes, I spitted out something out of my chest, for sure very old. I was not longer wheezing or coughing. It was amazing.” – K. Montgomery

“After being around a group of children I caught a flu and cough. I had a nasty congestion on my chest, and lots of phlegm, I used the gold orbis angelic, and within a few applications, I felt less pressure on my chest, and I felt better, I feel that I was able to recover much faster by using this amazing balm.” – A. Larson

“I had been waking up with a constriction on my heart every day for a while. It was emotional. And I was just so tired of feeling like some one had kicked me in my heart. I started using the Gold Orbis Angelic and within 2 applications on my heart center, I felt it no more! It really was amazing! Thank you Ylara for your amazing creations!” – E Moore.

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