3 Kings Magi

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This ancient blend clears away what no longer serves you!

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As we approach the end of a cycle, and review, release and integrate all the experiences, the 3 Kings blend can offer you sacred clarity each step of this process, purifying as we review and release what no longer serves us. White Copal and Frankincense Oman offer deep purification; they also offer us pure light–clearing and uplifting the spirit as it resets itself–bringing forth insight to our next steps in our spiritual and emotional growth. Myrrh is a fragrant clearing and grounding resin; it is the kind of grounding that offers you an inner knowing as you prepare to move forward.  Myrrh links the pathway of the soul standing at the very crossroads, and guides you to choose the path of letting go of the wounds–moving forward to your next step.

Rosewood augments all benefits and properties of the oils in this blend; it is a powerful ally in centering the mind, releasing fear and doubt and easing the inner critic and judge. Rosewood supports us deeply in maintaining a neutral and elevated space, especially when we are closing a chapter in life, looking for new direction or closure.

The 3 Kings is a powerful blend of wonderful and fragrant allies from nature. Enjoy!


Frankincense Oman (Boswellia sacra)
Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
Copal (Protium copal)
Rosewood (Aniba Rosaeaodora)
in Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis)


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