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aromatherapy and yoga workshop

Aromatherapy & Yoga Workshop

An Introduction to Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils In Your Meditation & Yoga Practice

Course Subject Outline

  • What is a High Grade Therapeutic Essential Oil

  • How to know the difference between commercial and therapeutic grade essential oils

  • How to choose a quality oil

  • The spiritual connection between what the flowers offer us and their capacity to change our consciousness and heal our physical and emotional bodies

  • The language of flowers

  • How aromatherapy and yoga affect our brain

  • How to use oils safely in your meditation and yoga practice

  • How to choose and oil for your yoga set and meditation

  • Safety protocols

  • Aromatherapy and Yoga etiquette in a class or studio

Course INFO

  • Seven (7) Comprehensive Sessions

  • Each Session Features a 45 – 60 Minute Class

  • Experiential Assignment With Oils

  • Pre-Recorded Audio, Power Point Presentation, PDF Download

  • You Can Go At Your Own Pace (12 Months of Access)

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  • 15% Off Online Class Essential Oil Blend Kits

Ylara Khalsa

About The Instructor

YLARA KHALSA (Holistic Healer, Clinical Aromatherapist, Biodynamic Farmer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher) spent over 18 years learning from YOGI BHAJAN as one of his healers.  Starting yoga at age nine and teaching by age fifteen, Ylara is a master aroma healer.  Come, be introduced to the vast world of essential oils and their healing properties, and learn how to use aromatherapy in your mediation and yoga practice.

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