Workshop – Aromatherapy & Yoga

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Course Subject Outline

  • What is a High Grade Therapeutic Essential Oil

  • How to know the difference between commercial and therapeutic grade essential oils

  • How to choose a quality oil

  • The spiritual connection between what the flowers offer us and their capacity to change our consciousness and heal our physical and emotional bodies

  • The language of flowers

  • How aromatherapy and yoga affect our brain

  • How to use oils safely in your meditation and yoga practice

  • How to choose and oil for your yoga set and meditation

  • Safety protocols

  • Aromatherapy and Yoga etiquette in a class or studio

Class Information

  • Seven (7) Comprehensive Sessions

  • Each Session Features a 45 – 60 Minute Class

  • Experiential Assignment With Oils

  • Pre-Recorded Audio, Power Point Presentation, PDF Download

  • You Can Go At Your Own Pace (12 Months of Access)


  • 15% Off Online Class Essential Oil Blend Kits


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