Emotional First Aid Kit

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This kit was designed to support you through challenging times!

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Product Description

The Emotional First Kit contains Rescue Blend which calms and soothes the nervous system and grounds you so you can begin to digest the experience.  You can mist yourself and begin to breath deeply with the Rescue Blend Mist–you feel it right of way. Also included: Soothing Fears: a blend that supports you feeling calm in the face of fear; Trauma Blend: a blend that supports your emotional boundaries (made with wild crafted Dogwood flowers and Hawaiian Sandalwood).

The kit is easy to travel with and fits very comfortably in almost any purse.  It is a wonderful kit to have especially when we are moving through difficult and challenging situations!

3.75mL of Rescue Blend
3.75mL of Soothing Fears
3.75mL of Trauma Blend
1 oz Rescue Blend Mist


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