Where Does Digestion Begin?

When I began my nutrition education, the first question posed to us was, where does digestion begin?

Answer:  it actually begins in the olfactory system.

Can you remember walking into your mother’s kitchen (or grandmother’s?) and smelling something delicious? Soon after, you could almost hear your belly making sounds–your olfactory system triggers the release of digestive enzymes.

As a nutrition educator, the most common issue is the deficit of digestive enzymes being produced by the body; people having difficulty digesting their food. When this issue is present, the body is unable to assimilate the nutrients from the food into the system. Lack of nutrition can result in many health ailments:  exhaustion, irritation, improper sleep etc.

With allergies to food on the rise, it is a priority to help our systems digest.

As many of you may know, aromatherapy is therapy using scent.

The aroma and most importantly the volatile oils of the plant, travel through the olfactory system all the way to the brain, changing the chemistry and thus, changing the way we feel.


Did you know vapors of a high grade therapeutic oil can be found in the urine within 5-10 minutes of inhalation?

Digest Ease is a wonderful formula to support your digestion.  The plants used to make this blend are commonly found in our kitchen:  Cinnamon, German Chamomile, Lemon Grass, Peppermint and Tarragon. These plants have been used for millennia in teas to help ease digestive challenges.

We recommend placing a few drops under the nose; each nostril takes the aroma to a different part of the brain.  Inhale in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Do this 3 times and 15 minutes before you indulge in food, and again, 15 minutes after.

This blend is easy to carry in your pocket or purse–just remember to pull it out before enjoying food!

It you tend to deal with painful gas, we recommend as a support, our Swollen Belly blend–you feel relief within minutes!

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