WESAK 2015, May 1-3, 2015

Flower of Life Essential Blends will be at the WESAK festival in Mount Shasta, CA!


Build your spirit, your Love, your God Connection, to help the world evolve from headlines of hate to celebrations of Joy!

As powerful spiritual beings, we create our own reality. It is essential that we as a race begin to govern ourselves solely from within, from our own personal connection with the Divine. It can take courage to follow your own moral heart but if we don’t, we run the risk of losing our souls for the sake of getting by. We allow dysfunction to surround us unchecked and to out-picture in our society like a bad dream. Just one heart, one mind standing clear and tall amidst chaos will cause chaos to order itself around it. We, as workers for spirit, must be that clear mind. We come together to reinforce one another’s choice to be free and to stand tall. As more and more of us learn to do that, society will change. The resulting groundswell of clarity and truth as everyday experiences will have to have an affect on our selves, our societies and our governments all over the world.

Solutions to all of the world’s problems (which means all of yours as well) lie within you! Hidden in full view! ~www.wesak.us

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